RESUME MASTER: Become the only possible choice for recruiters by Jeremy Cohen

RESUME MASTER: Become the only possible choice for recruiters

Build a great and effective resume, get inside your dream companies.

Ignored. Ignored. Ignored. What's wrong with my resume?! Did you ever wonder...

  • Why is my resume not working?
  • Why do I keep getting rejected?
  • Isn't there a better way to do it?
  • Do people still read resumes?
  • How can people forget about me so easily?

Spamming recruiters with your resume is not the answer.

Resumes are still read, people are still requiring you to build a resume.
Don't use that to spam recruiters.

Build resumes people want to read.

πŸ‘‰ In this course, we'll learn how to build a resume that stands out, get read, and that will generate call backs.

To stand out, you must rethink everything from scratch.

Don't build a resume that looks identical to everyone else's resume.

You must rethink it from scratch and use new concepts to build a resume that will get better chances.

Become the only possible choice

Most people send their resume everywhere and get rejected by 99% of the companies.

We'll use a totally different approach and build targeted resumes.
The result... we'll send 99% less resumes but make them 99% more effective!

Build targeted resumes, Become the only possible choice.

Optional - Get a Review

As an additional option, you can review your resume until it passes the test!

No matter how long it takes! We'll make this resume work and get you a job!

βž• ✍️ OPTIONAL RESUME REVIEW - 10€ after checkout

What if the reason you keep being ignored is right in front of you?

Learn to build a great resume, and things might finally work out!


Does this work for interns?

Yes, a job is a job. Even for a month of internship, you will need a resume. And in those cases, it's better to have a good one.

What if I want a job that has nothing to do with my current one?

Building a resume is before anything creating a connection between you and your reader. If you have the correct skills, we'll learn how to present them.

What is the "Review Service"

You have unlimited reviews until your resume match the standards. Your goal is to "pass" the review test. Once it's done, your reviews will stop because you won't need it anymore.

To get access to the review, you must first enroll in the RESUME MASTER Course.

Our favourite review

Johnny Johnson, Solutions Architect

Resume Master is a course for anyone who wishes to build a strong one-pager argument for his/her profile. Build a connection with your recruiter and make sure you're noticed.

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Jeremy Cohen

Artificial Intelligence & Self-Driving Car Engineer, Head Dean of France School of AI, and Machine Learning Lecturer.
I started to help aspiring AI & Self-Driving Car Engineers to land their dream job. Working in the industry of the future requires skills and passion. You can build your skills here, where you'll create relevant projects that are used every day in autonomous robots & AI engines.

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