SELF-DRIVING CARS: The guide to learn cutting-edge technologies that will change our lives by Jeremy Cohen

SELF-DRIVING CARS: The guide to learn cutting-edge technologies that will change our lives

Break down the technology, learn the technology, and define your action plan to become a self-driving car engineer.

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What if you became a Self-Driving Car Engineer?

It's Tuesday, you're just out of a wonderful demo with the Mayor. They're ready to purchase an autonomous shuttle service from your company!
Back to the office, you sit down and start working on your new 3D Perception algorithm... already imagining how many lives it will save...

It's all possible, but how? There are so many keywords, companies, strategies, algorithms, jobs... When I started, I was losing my mind...

Did you try reading blog posts? Following companies? Learning on YouTube? Taking courses? Where did it get you? Are you closer to become a self-driving car engineer now than you were last month?

Think Autonomous' Self-Driving Car Strategy in 3 Steps

  1. Break Down the whole thing into subskills.
  2. Learn as much as possible about each subskill.
  3. Practice one skill at a time, in a laser-focused strategy.

This course is about Step 1 and 2. In a few hours, we'll break down the field, learn a lot about each part; and define your action plan to learn about getting a job in the field.

1 - Building a Self-Driving Car

We'll start with the fundamentals: how to make a car autonomous? What are the key aspects of autonomous driving? What are the companies? Their strategies? And many more...

Concepts: Design (Levels of Autonomy, Drive-By-Wire, Hardware Architecture, Cost, Actors), Sensors (GPS, Cameras, LiDARs, RADARs), Computers, Market Strategies, Costs, ...

2 - How do self-driving cars work?

The second part of the course teaches the software: Where is Artificial Intelligence in a self-driving car? What are the algorithms used by engineers in the field? What is real and what isn't?

Concepts: Architecture of a Self-Driving Car,  Lane Line detection, Object Detection in 2D and 3D, LiDAR detection, Sensor Fusion, Neural Networks, Bayesian Filters, Kalman Filters localization, RTK localization, Mapping, Ultra-wideband, Dijkstra, A*, Trajectory Planning, PID Control, V2X, ROS, ...

3 - Defining your Strategy from 0 to 1

Once you know how self-driving cars work and what are all the paths you can take, we'll study a Roadmap that will guide you to a real profession. 

Who do you want to be? You'll go back with a real action plan the curriculum that worked for me.

Better Every Month

To match industry progress and advances, the course is updated every month.

Start now, learn forever!
Last updated: October 14, 2020

My Favourite Testimonial

Anatolii Melnyk, Software engineering. Core Architecting. Node JS, Deep Learning
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2 mins
Hey, I'm Jeremy
Joining Think Autonomous
3 mins
My story
3 mins
Course Summary
From Car to Robot
Where can you work if you master this technology?
3 mins
Autonomous Robots Applications
401 KB
Autonomous Boats, Planes, Cars, Drones, ...
319 KB
The 5 Levels of Automation
3 mins
5 Levels of Automation
311 KB
(Bonus) Tesla vs Waymo
Designing an autonomous vehicle
6 mins
The case of Tesla
2.93 MB
Learn the Autonomous Vehicle Sensors
4 mins
4 mins
LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging
5 mins
How LiDARs work
503 KB
RADAR - Radio Detection And Ranging
4 mins
GPS- Global Positioning Systems
4 mins
What sensors should you use?
5 mins
Computers in Self-Driving Cars
3 mins
How to Install the computer
The Costs of Self-Driving Cars
5 mins
How much does a Self-Driving Car cost?
Perception Sensors Advantages & Drawbacks
370 KB
From Car to Robot: Quiz
2 mins
The software of autonomous systems
4 mins
The conditions
3 mins
The 4 Major Steps in self-driving cars
9 mins
Introduction to Robotic OS
5 mins
How ROS works
7 mins
ROS in practice
3 mins
Analyzing a self-driving car recording
14 mins
How to learn about ROS
The Detection Process
4 mins
Introduction to Computer Vision
4 mins
Machine Learning
11 mins
Neural Networks in Self-Driving Cars
5 mins
Convolutional Neural Networks
7 mins
Visualizing CNNs
(Bonus) Computer Vision applications in self-driving cars
Obstacle Tracking
3 mins
How to learn about obstacle tracking?
Image Segmentation
4 mins
How to learn about driveable area detection and image segmentation?
LiDAR detection
2 mins
LiDAR Detection Process
2 mins
How to learn about LiDAR & Point Clouds?
Sensor Fusion
17 mins
How to learn about Kalman Filters?
(Bonus) Sensor Fusion
Early vs. Late Fusion
2 mins
Multi-Sensor Fusion
3 mins
6 mins
(Bonus) Self-Driving Cars & Localization
Planning & Autonomous Navigation
9 mins
(Bonus) Self-Driving Cars & Navigation
4 mins
(Bonus) Control
V2X Study case
2 mins
Reviewing the software
4 mins
Software: Quiz
10.4 MB
MindMap Explained
15 mins
Next Steps & Setting your strategy
5 mins
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Jeremy Cohen

Artificial Intelligence & Self-Driving Car Engineer, Head Dean of France School of AI, and Machine Learning Lecturer.
I started to help aspiring AI & Self-Driving Car Engineers to land their dream job. Working in the industry of the future requires skills and passion. You can build your skills here, where you'll create relevant projects that are used every day in autonomous robots & AI engines.

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