STORYTELLING MASTER: The Ultimate Weapon to shine at interviews, build human relations, and create an attractive personality by Jeremy Cohen

STORYTELLING MASTER: The Ultimate Weapon to shine at interviews, build human relations, and create an attractive personality

Become an expert storyteller.

Tell me about yourself... How long can you last before the interviewer looks at his/her phone?

Any interview, Any meeting, Any Pitch will start with this question.
Your answer will be the first impression people get when they meet you.

How good are you at answering it?

The most inspiring people are also the best storytellers

Steve Jobs, The Rock, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Walt Disney...
The most successful people on the planet are also the best storytellers in the world.
Why? Because humans love stories.
If you want people to listen to you, you have to start learning how to talk.

I used to be a disaster at answering all the "YOU" Questions at interviews:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Tell me about a time where you were challenged and made it?
  • Tell me about this project you made?
Every time, they're asking you to share a story!
And every time, you think this question is just a formality. It isn't.
It can disqualify you before the technical questions even started, and it can save you even if you performed bad after.

Learn to master storytelling, and be able to shine at interview questions, build strong relations, and create a personality everybody loves.

What you'll get:
✔️At the end, you'll have a killer answer to "Tell me about yourself" and to every "YOU QUESTION".

✔️ You'll also have a STORYTELLING MINDMAP to build amazing stories easily.

1. Tell me about yourself.

✔️ TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: We'll start by writing down your answer to this and create the course around the answer

✔️ TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF 2.0: We'll completely turn your answer upside down to make it more convincing, more interesting, and to build a link between you and whoever is listening.

2. Storytelling Master

✔️ STRUCTURE: We'll study good stories, structures, and how to build attention around your stories.

✔️ LINK: You'll learn how to tell people about your past experiences, how to share your beliefs so they understand who you are.

✔️ LESSONS: We'll learn to use storytelling to turn your failures into life lessons they will love

3. Leadership & Trust

✔️ AMBITION: You'll be able to use storytelling to get people interested in your future projects and your personal goals.

✔️ MOVIES: We'll see how Hollywood movies are made and what they share with interview questions

✔️ WEAPON: Finally, you will be able to use storytelling as a day to day tool to be more interesting and persuasive.


What's the point in taking a storytelling course?

Most of the best leaders in the world are also the best storytellers.

If your ambition has something to do with other humans: management, leadership, team building... Then Storytelling is a must have.

Will I be an expert storyteller after this?

This course is an introduction to storytelling. After this, you'll be able to understand a story's structure and to remark why good stories work when you listen to them.

After it, I'll give you a path to practice storytelling to get better by yourself.

What is your credibility in storytelling?

I'm not the best storyteller in the world. But I'm really interested in storytelling and I used storytelling in my recent years to grow my career.

While most engineers are good with technical subjects, you'll also be good at communicating.
To me, having this second face is clearly having a better reach.

As an Engineer, you are building the future. If you can't communicate about it, people won't get excited. Storytelling will help you convey passion, attract people, and build the best professional relations you'll ever make.

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Jeremy Cohen

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I started to help aspiring AI & Self-Driving Car Engineers to land their dream job. Working in the industry of the future requires skills and passion. You can build your skills here, where you'll create relevant projects that are used every day in autonomous robots & AI engines.

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