PORTFOLIO MASTER: The strategy to build a magnetic profile by Jeremy Cohen

PORTFOLIO MASTER: The strategy to build a magnetic profile

Build an online presence, stand out, attract recruiters.

How much experience do you have?

I use to have little to no experience in self-driving cars and Computer Vision.

Only one thing saved me: Building a Portfolio and a strategy around this.

Instantly, I was able to:
  • Replace my lack of experience with personal projects
  • Brand them as experience
  • Interest recruiters and technical teams enough to get an interview, and later, my dream job.

Brand your projects as experience

Having little to no experience is difficult. You don't get called a lot, and people aren't convinced.

Hopefully, there is a way to brand your personal projects as experience. We'll learn the strategy that I used to get inside the self-driving car industry without ever working on self-driving cars.

Build an effective Portfolio.

Master the dos and don't.

Learn the most common mistakes and what you should do to create something effective and appealing.

Build a Brand around your name.

  • How to stand out from the crowd?
  • How to use your projects to show your skills to recruiters?
  • What tools can you use to do it fast?
We'll learn to master Personal Branding and build your personal brand.


Johnny Johnson, Solutions Architect
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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 4 text files


4 mins
Portfolio Projects - What do they look like?
GitHub - Live analysis of a good profile
10 mins
GitHub MindMap - 5 ways to have a good profile
3 mins
🚀 Build Your GitHub Portfolio
Medium - How to get attention by blogging?
8 mins
Breaking Down the Article that got me 5 Interviews
9 mins
Medium MindMap - 7 Steps to write a blog post
5 mins
🚀 Write your blog posts
Building your own website with Github.io
11 mins
Website MindMap - What should be on your website and how to use it?
2 mins
2 mins
LinkedIn MindMap
4 mins
How to generate an interview?
8 mins
Portfolio MindMap.pdf
688 KB


What does a "magnetic profile" mean?

We'll learn how to build a profile that people want to explore.
We'll create an easy path for anyone to follow, share your profile with recruiters; and make sure that people who find one of your posts end up contacting you.

Can I do this course with no project?

The core idea is to learn to use our projects to replace experience.
I'd advise taking courses first and then create your portfolio.

Does this work for interns?

It works especially well for interns and people at the beginning of their career. I used this strategy as an intern and then as a 1-year experienced.

For 14.95€, you can fast forward a year of experience and attention building. Learn how to land a job faster, and more efficiently.

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Jeremy Cohen

Artificial Intelligence & Self-Driving Car Engineer, Head Dean of France School of AI, and Machine Learning Lecturer.
I started thinkautonomous.ai to help aspiring AI & Self-Driving Car Engineers to land their dream job. Working in the industry of the future requires skills and passion. You can build your skills here, where you'll create relevant projects that are used every day in autonomous robots & AI engines.

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