START WITH ROS: Build Real Robotics Applications on the edge

Discover how real self-driving cars work, build embedded Computer Vision projects, and break the barrier between online courses and reality.
View course €199

THE TRACKING PACK: Learn Obstacle Tracking and Kalman Filtering

Fuse the better of two worlds to build robust tracking applications.
View bundle €399

LEARN KALMAN FILTERS: The Hidden Algorithm that silently powers the future

For mid-level Engineers who want to master advanced algorithms and increase their skills.
View course €199

LEARN OBSTACLE TRACKING: The Master Key to become a Self-Driving Cars Professional

Learn the rare skill that will boost your Computer Vision expertise and increment your portfolio.
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POINT CLOUDS Fast Course: Introduction to 3D Perception

Learn the fundamentals of LiDAR detection and Point Cloud Processing for 3D Obstacle Detection.
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IMAGE SEGMENTATION: Advanced techniques for aspiring Computer Vision experts

Master segmentation architectures and build advanced projects such as Aerial Navigation, Self-Driving Cars, or Medical Imaging.
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SELF-DRIVING CARS: Break into the cutting-edge world

Break down the technology, learn the industry, and define your action plan to become a self-driving car engineer.
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STORYTELLING MASTER: The Ultimate Weapon to shine at interviews, build human relations, and create an attractive personality

Become an expert storyteller.
View course €14.95

PORTFOLIO MASTER: The strategy to build a magnetic profile

Build an online presence, stand out, attract recruiters.
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RESUME MASTER: Become their only possible choice

Learn to build a killer resume.
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Jeremy Cohen

Artificial Intelligence & Self-Driving Car Engineer, Head Dean of France School of AI, and Machine Learning Lecturer.
I started to help aspiring AI & Self-Driving Car Engineers to land their dream job. Working in the industry of the future requires skills and passion. You can build your skills here, where you'll create relevant projects that are used every day in autonomous robots & AI engines.